Eva rossi-kivimÄki


Born in Finland, Masters Degree in English Philology (Turun Yliopisto, Turku, Finland), lives and works in the Serra do Mantiqueira tropical mountain range in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Self-taught artist.

Curriculum Vitae                     

Upcoming in 2019/20:

Basilica Papale San Paolo fuori le Mura - The Vatican, Rome (group)

Museo Crocetti - Rome (group)

Forte Sangallo - Netuno, Italy (group)

Solo Exhibitions:

Taidesalonki Piirto (Gallery) - Helsinki, Finland. 2005, 2007, 2010, 2014, 2017

Spazio Surreale - São Paulo, Brazil. 2009, 2018

Art Lab Gallery - São Paulo, Brazil. 2018

Espaço do Exposicão - Taubaté, Brazil. 2013

Two Artist Exhibitions:

Taidesalonki Piirto - Helsinki, Finland. 2012
Oval Theatre - London. 2006
Marle Place - Royal Tunbridge Wells, England. 2007

Art Fairs Include:

Clio Art Fair - New York. 2018

Biennale Internazionale d'Arte (4th Prize). 2018

Arte Padova (Gio Arte Lucca Italy) - Padova, Italy. 2013, 2014

Arte Padova (Sabrina Falzone Studio) - Milan, Italy. 2016

Arte Genova - Genoa, Italy. 2015, 2017

Nice Contemporary Art Fair - Nice, France. 2017

Skylark Galleries - London. 2006, 2007

Dulwich Art Fair - London. 2006

Landmark Art Fair - London. 2006

Chelsea Art Fair - London. 2006, 2007

Group shows include:

Inn Gallery (Luzes de São Paulo) - São Paulo, Brazil. 2019

Museu de Arte do Parlamento de São Paulo (Homagen para Tomie Ohtake). 2017

Arte in Berlin. 2017
Arte in Innsbrück. 2017
Arte in Fiera Dolomiti - Italy. 2017   

Rosso Sinabro Art Gallery (Gradi Astrazione) - Roma. 2016

Rosso Sinabro Art Gallery (Il Detaglio Che Ti Piache) - Roma. 2016

Rosso Sinabro Art Gallery (The August Contemporary) - New York. 2016

Rosso Sinabro Art Gallery (The August Contemporary) - Tokyo. 2016
Art Lab Gallery (Arte Brasileira na Contemporaneidade). São Paulo. 2016

Identita' Composite (Rosso Sinabro) - Rome. 2016
Sharpenberg Gallery - Chicago. 2008
Dankhaus - Chicago. 2007
Cat Hill Art Gallery - London. 2006
Skylark Galleries - London. 2005, 2006, 2007
Gallery at Oxo - London. 2005
Auran Galleria - Turku, Finland. 2005
Mountbatten Art Gallery - Portsmouth, UK. 2002
Maidstone Museum/Bentliff Gallery - Maidstone, UK. 2001
Letchworth Art Centre - Letchworth Garden City, UK. 2001
401.5 Studios - London. 1999, 2000, 2001
The Consulate of Mexico - Miami. 1997
Bird Road Art Connection Studios - Miami. 1997, 1998

Public Collections:

Museo de Arte do Parlamento do Sao Paulo - Brazil. 2009
Aura Medical Centre - Turku, Finland. 2007

Commissioned Work includes:

Chapel Windows for the residence of the Archbishop Emeritus - Miami.  1999

Work in private collections (from galleries, fairs or commissioned) in England, Finland, France, Spain, Norway, Denmark, USA, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and Australia.

Past memberships:

Skylark Galleries - London. 2006 – 2009
401.5 Studios - London. 2004 – 2006
Bird Road Art Connection Studios - Miami. 1996 - 2003


"In the research of Eva Rossi-Kivimäki's work new expressive trajectories open like windows of the soul. The sculptural work of the Finnish artist display a tendency of essentiality and an expressive synthesis. Analysing the art pieces "Going Out" and "Bird Woman" we are dealing with exaggerated vertical forms of sculpture, elegant in their solemnity and extraordinarily sophisticated. Executed in a mixed media technique joining different materials like onyx, pearl and tourmaline with metal these stylized figures are studies in the mythical territory of metamorphosis and, more generally, the delicate theme of change. These are, above all, works of strong visual impact, inspired by the feminine universe, whether in stylistic choices or the significant hidden symbols, in effect, the woman is at the same time mother and the generator of life. The verticality of these sculptures underline exactly the spirituality and allusion of another dimension: the soul. The upward movement towards the heights indicates the elevated spirituality of  the human being, almost recalling the totem. Here the reference to primitivism is evident. Eva Rossi-Kivimäki expresses herself through an essential research which is born from the need to strip the contemporary society from the sumptuous attire which  in the course of time it has acquired. The artist intends thus to remove the veil of hypocracy  which is abundant in present-day society , to reinstitute a dimension which is more simple and authentic to humanity."

Sabrina Falzone
Storico e Critico dell'Arte

"Through an individual technique with a predominance of glass Eva Rossi-Kivimäki creates her art achieving truly unusual results. Born in the liberty of a real artistic passion and through the choice of themes the work transforms itself into an immediate and efficient message.The value of Eva Rossi-Kivimaki's art comes from the part which is the most intimate and most hidden, most improvised and most sincere. Not only is the work about art but about an independent and free cry of her real truth.In effect, there is no real difference between the more informal work and work that depicts more realistic subjects. Eva Rossi-Kivimäki's  creativity is born in her true interior, thus it is not reproductive or imitative. Within the darkness of the majority of her work, a magic luminosity is reflected through the multicoloured pieces of glass she uses in her work".

Emanuel Von Lauenstein Massarani
Critico de Arte
Diretor Geral do Museu de Arte do Parlamento do Sao Paulo

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